How do I make a payment?

You have multiple options to make your payment i.e. we accept all types of credit cards and you can also pay through PayPal.


Are there any hidden charges or taxes?


No, there are no hidden charges. Once the payment is made it is full and final. Though, we charge shipping on some products.




What should I do to return or replace an order?


If you want to return or replace an item, please e-mail us at info@proskulls.com 


What should I do, if I haven't received my order yet?


If you haven't received the order within 30 days of your order, then you can either refund the order or email us at info@proskulls.com 



When are the returns not accepted?


1. It becomes difficult to initiate a return after a given timeframe.
2. We do not accept when the item is damaged or broken. Items should not be installed or used.
3. All the items delivered inside the package should be returned. Anything missing from the package will not be accepted.




How do I cancel my order?


You can cancel your order through an e-mail before the item has been dispatched. Also if the item has not been delivered, you may cancel the order. Your refund process will be initiated after 24-48 hours.